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  • You have the MOST INCREDIBLY USEFUL site in the industry. I use it EVERY day. Many thanks, and best wishes.

    Nasser Shukayr, Consultant
  • I think your site is THE SINGLE MOST USEFUL site for iSeries talent. Congrats on developing such a useful site, and thank you for making it available to the world.

    Nasser, Contract Programmer
  • Please keep up the good work. I read your listings every day looking for opportunities for AS400 series developers. Thank you.

    Robert Wenzel, Programmer/Analyst III
  • Get AS400 Jobs is a very useful and effective job board. By listing the locations of the jobs it's easy to identify most appropriate opportunities. Great job. Much appreciated.

    Darna Honeyghan, Software Engineer
  • I find that Get AS400 Jobs is better at targeting opportunities with my skills than any other job board. They don't send me jobs simply based on my title, as others seem to do. I also like the ability to search by state, since I do not intend to relocate.

    Karleen Bushard, Software Developer
  • I like the searches and I have found some good job opportunities through this site. I am not working yet, but I feel I might find the right job soon.

    Rhonda Adams, AS400 Computer Operator Analyst
  • No job yet, but I like the fact that I can go to one spot to see what's out there. I also like getting tweets for new listings.

    Bill Van Dusen, Programmer/Analyst
  • Excellent site that "zero's" to what I need. Thanks.

    Fred Goldstein, Consultant
  • Your service provides me with an excellent resource in my job search. Thank you.

    Dave, Applications Manger
  • First of all let me congratulate you for putting up this effort dedicated to AS400. Hats off to you.

    Nandu, AS400 Programmer
  • Love the RSS link provided to find my next job. Helps a great deal and makes things a lot easier.

    Jeff Hennin, IT Professional
  • I like the website, especially the search feature since many times I am scanning for Director or other executive type positions.

    Ron Smith, Director of IT
  • I am extremely pleased with this site. I consider it the number one source for placement of AS400 job listings and number one for securing top notch AS400 talent to fill my openings. I have had tremendous success specifically filling slots with the MAPICS/XA placement side of the ISERIES industry. Kudos to get AS400 Jobs for their successes. We are still hoping you will open an accounting division of this site as so many IT professionals report to financial managers. Keep up the good work.

    Frank Thomas, IT Recruiter
  • I love the website. It is easy to use and very clear in job descriptions, etc. The Critical Needs Jobs is an excellent resource. Keep up the good work!

    Julie Klotz, Contract Programmer/Consultant
  • I wish there were AS400 System Administrator or Project Manager jobs in the Northern suburbs of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Otherwise you are doing a great job of posting AS400 jobs.

    Linda, Systems Administrator
  • This site is great. You have summarized AS400 jobs by state, which saves a lot of time. Keep up the good work. I'm still looking and I hope to find something real soon. Thank you.

    Lou, AS400 Application Developer
  • Thanks for your service. This remains the best site I've found for iSeries jobs.

    Thom Daniel, iSeries System Admin
  • I found a new job via your site and start later this month - thanks!

    Liz Burch, Programmer Analyst
  • Good work on this site. Even if I don't find any listing for Canada (Montreal region) - it gives me an insight as to the job status and trends for the AS400 community in the US. I find it to be very helpful.

    Andrei Centea, Consultant for CGI Monteal
  • Keep it up. This is a very excellent site. I like the feature of selecting any state without starting a new search.

    Ibrahim, IT consultant
  • I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I like this site of yours. I was very fortunate to receive a resume on a strong iseries developer from Alaska and place that person with one of my top clients in Tennessee. I also have been fortunate to receive professional job openings for non I/T employment such as cost accountants, but the criteria for them to have worked using iseries software packages as a user was required, and I have received some resumes from very skilled AS400 users who qualified for these jobs. In short, I have been placing I/T pros in jobs for over 35 years, and this site is becoming my key, results-oriented posting site for filling a variety of job listings for corporate customers using iseries within their organizations. Kudos to Get AS400 Jobs and your staff...maybe the next big success will be building one of the best resume data banks for the iseries community.

    Frank Thomas, I/T Recruiter

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